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Spatial Transcriptomics

We use the Visium spatial gene expression technology from 10X Genomics. We work with fresh frozen tissue or FFPE samples. We cut sections, produce H&E images and spatial libraries and sequence to the desired read depth. We map the reads to the target genome and conduct basic QC and cluster analysis using SpaceRanger, Loupe Browser and Seurat. All data are property of the client. All unused materials are returned to client.  

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Single-cell/Single-nuclei RNAseq

We can obtain single nuclei gene expression data from serial sections of the tissue blocks used for spatial transcriptomics. Spatial and single nuclei gene expression are integrated using Seurat and similar tools. 

We also provide standalone single cell gene expression services (without Visium). We work with frozen cells provided by the client, and also established custom cell culture models for client drug response studies and collected functional data, image data, and/or molecular data in addition to the single cell RNAseq data.

Related services

Confocal Imaging

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  • Biomarker imaging for spatial multiomics
  • Proteomic vaildation of spatially distinct cell states

FACS isolation of Cell Subsets

FACS isolation of Cell Subsets
  • Bulk cell enrichment by magnetic bead isolation
  • Antibody specific cell type isolation by FACS

Single Cell Immune Profiling

Single Cell Immune Profiling
  • Comprehensive Immune Profiling
  • BCR/TCR profiling
  • Antigen specific TCR clonotype profiling with dCode dextramers

In-Depth Bioinformatics

In-Depth Bioinformatics
  • Detailed informatics and data visualization
  • Data integration for multiomics
  • Custom analysis workflows

High Content Imaging

High Content Imaging
  • High Content Analysis/Screening
  • 2D, co-culture, 3D imaging
  • Drug response HCS
  • Cell Painting assay

Custom Assay Development

Custom Assay Development
  • Compound validation assays
  • Complex dosing schemes
  • Full gamut of phenotypic and molecular readouts

What people say

Letter P
Prof. UC Irvine, CMO
Pharma Co.

“3DG has done an excellent job of experiment design, execution and data analysis”.

Letter E
Early Stage Biotech Co.

“We were very pleased with the adaptability, responsiveness and quality of scientific thinking, data production and analysis”.

Letter R
Research Director
Global Pharma

“Thank you so much for the feedback, explanations and insights you have given us”.

Letter H
Head of Research
Large Biotech

“Based on our positive experience and the results of that first study, we conducted two more follow-on single-cell RNAseq studies”.

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